Battery Energy Storage Systems
Designed for Todays Grids

AGreatE’s large format battery energy storage systems (BESS) are the perfect partner with today’s modern grid. Whether you need to store variable renewable energy sources, provide peaking capacity, or simply do load management, AGreatE’s BESS are the perfect solution for your grid needs.

AGreatE’s BESS comes in easy to deploy containerized systems making installation and maintenance simple. Multiple containers can be installed to create as much storage capacity as needed. The reliable lithium iron phosphate chemistry means safe operation and long life-times, minimizing operation costs.


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Battery Energy Storage

The key to AGreatE’s BESS is the flexibility and scalability. We will work with you to design the optimal system for your needs that can be integrated seamlessly into your specific site characteristics. We provide full design and engineering for particular storage needs in an all-in-one system that is shipped ready for your local team to install.

The long operating life time of our BESS plus systems designed with scalability in mind means that you can easily upgrade your capacity as needed, future-proofing your deployment.

Battery Services for the Grid

Battery energy storage offers the many services for grid operators

  • Save money by using arbitrage
  • Rapidly deploy power as needed for peaking capacity
  • Uncouple the time dependence of your variable renewable energy sources
  • Frequency regulation
  • Load following and ramping services
  • Transmission and Distribution Upgrade Deferrals
  • Black Start

Design, Engineer, Build, Commission
Grid BESS Services

Work with our team of engineers and designers to build the perfect system for your grid needs. We are ready to deploy our flexible and scalable system in accordance with your needs.  Contact us to today!


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