100kW PV+BESS+Charger

100kW PV+BESS+Charger

AGreatE’s 100kW PBC systems are the future of Electric Vehicle Charging. Our team of renewable energy engineers has developed an All-In-One PBC (PV + BESS + Charging) solution that is pre configured & engineered to be install ready making deployment of the PBC systems simpler and more cost effective. Each PBC system is tailored around the heart of the system which is the Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). The BESS system enables the system to buy and sell power from the grid (if grid connected) at peak and off peak rates. The BESS system also allows the system to operate in off grid mode when the grid is not available such as during brownouts.

AGreatE PBC systems are designed for hybrid operation (grid-tied) but can be engineered for off-grid only applications. In off-grid only scenarios, the PV system and BESS system will need to be enlarged to support the charging requirement for the EV charging stations. With optional wind or generator backup connections available, these systems can act as a EV charging mini grid.

Solar Carport Charging Stations with BESS

EV charging has never been cleaner or easier. Based on the AGreatE PBC energy platform, our all-in-one EV charging solution offer clean solar energy conversion coupled with our LFP containerized battery energy storage system. AC EV chargers provide charging in both on grid and off grid mode at any time of day.

Battery Pack

ATEN 9.2kWh Battery Pack

The ATEN P9 battery pack is based on Lithium Iron Phosphate Cell technology.  16 cells are configured 2 parallel/8 in series.  The duct free design and active ventalation design ensures better cooling efficiency and longer life spans (5000 cycles with up to 1C rating).

AGreatE's P9 9.2kWh LFP Battery Pack for BESS Systems
High Voltage Control Unit

High Voltage Control Unit

R138 HVU is a multi stage charge protection device that offers duel channel power supply and safety disconnect functionality (160 to 205 Amp circuit breaker with 250 Amp fuse).  Designed with a 10 year operational life expectancy.

AGreatE's High Voltage Drawer Unit for BESS Systems
Battery Rack

ATEN P9 Rack

AGreatE's ATEN-R138 Battery Rack is a reliable, long cycle life, modular, and scalable lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery energy storage system.  Perfectly integrated as a (BESS) building block for PV + BESS + Charging applications.

AGreatE's ATEN R138 Battery Rack for BESS Systems
PCS and DC/DC Converter

100 kW PCS and
DC/DC Converter

At the heart of the power system is the bi-directional power conversion system which supports grid, PV, and gensets and includes a built in transformer & STS (static transfer system) to control.  Utilizing a modular design, the DC/DC converter can be configured with shared or separate DC bus for the PV and battery system.

AGreatE's Power Control System, PCS for BESS Systems
Smart BESS Controller

Smart BESS Controller

The BESS Controller is the brains of the system.  A complete data acquisition system designed with multiple overload and reverse power protections.  With a built in HMI this system enables the complete control and overview of the BESS system.

AGreatE's BESS Controller for Battery Energy Storage System
BESS System Monitoring

BESS System Monitoring

Cloud Based EMS enables a comprehensive view of real-time data, historical data, reports, and energy forecasting.

AGreatE's BESS Monitoring System Software on a Computer or Laptop
EV Charging Terminal

EV Charging Terminal

AC chargers offer programmable charging mode with European or North American standards.  Single and 3 phase options in multiple sizes offer plug or socket connectors.

AGreatE's ATEN R138 Battery Rack for BESS Systems
PV Module

PV Module

The latest in PV module technology, our PBC systems come with Tier 1 solar modules in either silver or all black.  Choose between standard or bifacial models to increase power efficiency.  12 year hardware warranty and 25 to 30 year power warranties available.  Globally certified to fit any market requirement.

AGreatE's ATEN R138 Battery Rack for BESS Systems
Solar Carport System

Solar Carport System

The PBC carport is the ideal solution for solar charging stations.  The aluminum carport structure has a span of 5.5m between legs and resists winds of up to 60m/s.  Thanks to the new innovative aluminum profile offered in silver or black finish, the system offers greater versatility of mounting configurations as well as longer spans & cantilever lengths.

AGreatE's P9 9.2kWh LFP Battery Pack for BESS Systems
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PBC Applications

  • Retail, Shopping Locations
  • Multi Residential Apartment Complexes
  • Malls
  • Commercial and Industrial Centers
  • EV Dealerships
  • Electric Bike Charging
  • Paid Parking Lots
  • Governments looking to develop renewable Energy Projects

PV + BESS + Charging Benefits

  • Take advantage of the growing need for electric vehicle charging
  • Attract high value customers, employees, and clients
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to the environment
  • Increase the real estate value of your property
  • Buy at off-peak rates and sell at peak rates
  • Low maintenance and easy upkeep
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to the environment
  • Energy independence!

100kW PBC Systems Include

AGreate’s 100kW PBC System includes the solar PV system, carport mounting system, the BESS, and the EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment). The PV carport system utilizes high efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar cells mounted onto a carport aluminum frame. The battery energy storage systems (BESS) is containerized for outdoor installation with battery management system and three phase power conversion system included (400VAC ~ 480VAC). The EVSE includes the charging terminals and appropriate Level 2 or Level 3 AC charging plugs. These can be chosen during order placement.

PBC Systems are fully certified and include:

  • Mono-crystalline solar panels (optional bi-facial & silver or black)
  • 100kW PCS (Inverter/Charger) three phase 400VAC or 480VAC (optional transformer options)
  • Battery Energy Storage System with BMS and EMS (128kWh, 192kWh, 256kWh or 384kWh options)
  • EV charging terminals (multiple options available)
  • EV charging terminals (multiple options available)
  • All aluminum solar carport system (silver or black finish)
  • Solar combiner box
  • Solar wire designed for extreme weather and UV
  • Ground wire and PV array grounding system
  • Wire management system to keep everything neat and tidy
  • WiFi system monitoring so you can check performance anytime
  • System safety labels for better user safety and awareness
  • Installation manual for the entire solar kit
  • Commissioning and annual inspection documents
  • Electrical 3 line & mechanical drawings

Our PBC Systems are designed to make logistics, installation, and commissioning easier.

ATEN 100kW BESS System

AGreatE’s ATEN-100kW is an all in one hybrid energy storage system that is the foundation to the PBC system. Available in 128kWh, 192kWh, 256kWh, and 384kWh sizes with 3 phase, 400~480V configurations, our BESS hybrid systems offer simplified installation, maintenance and 10+ years of hassle free energy generation and usage.

100kW PBC System Diagram

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Product Specifications

Product Specs100-100-128 PBC100-100-192 PBC100-100-256 PBC100-100-384 PBC
PV System100kW100kW100kW100kW
Battery (BESS)128kWh192kWh256kWh384kWh
# of Cars Parked24242424
# of Charge Terminals24242424
Array Size6m x 100m6m x 100m12m x 50m12m x 50m


The accuracy or completeness of the System Information is not guaranteed and is subject to change without notice. No license under any AGreatE or third party intellectual property rights is implied or granted with this Information. Customers are solely responsible for evaluating and selecting the Systems and determining whether each System is fit for a particular purpose and suitable for its particular use and method of application. Our Systems are not manufactured to any Customer requirements or specifications unless expressly agreed to in writing by AGreatE.