Commercial Battery Pack

ATEN Commercial Battery Packs

ATEN 9.2kWh Battery Packs are the basic building blocks for all of AGreatE’s Commercial and Industrial Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) and help create a modular and scalable system.  ATEN Battery Packs provide a better cost to performance ratio than the competition while also having the safety and long cycle life of the Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery chemistry.

9.2kWh Battery Pack C&I BESS Building Block

The ATEN P9 Battery Pack is the modular building block for all of AGreatE’s Commercial and Industrial Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS). The ATEN P9 combined with the ATEN Rack forms the backbone of our large format BESS. Each ATEN Rack can accommodate between 6 to 15 ATEN P9 Packs for the desired storage capacity of the end-user.

Battery energy storage system unit


  • Lithium Iron Phosphate Cells
  • Long Lifespan (+5000 Cycles)
  • Scalable Design
  • Easy Rack Installation
  • Duct Free Architecture
  • Active Ventilation Design

9.2kWh Battery Pack Benefits

  • Emergency Power Backups
  • Harden your infrastructure against brownouts and blackouts
  • Load Balance with Instant on Demand Power
  • Take advantage of financial contributions with your assets
  • Smart inverters with reactive power grid support

AGreatE P9 Technology

Thanks to our innovative Pack Design, the 9.2kWh Battery Pack P9 is easy to install, maintain, and replace with the ATEN Pack and Rack System. Each P9 Pack simply slides in the Rack with only two wired connectors needed to complete the installation.

The ATEN High Voltage Unit (HVU) is the control unit for the ATEN Pack and Rack System. Each ATEN Rack comes with one HVU to control and manage the battery power of the accompanying P9 Packs.

Battery energy storage system unit

Pack Certifications

UL1973, IEC62619, UN38.3

Other certifications are available upon request.

ATEN P9 Battery Schematic

Battery energy storage system unit

Electrical Specifications

ElectricalAten Battery Pack
Rated Voltage51.2V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage44.8V
Charge Cut-off Voltage56.8V
Cycle Life≥5,000 cycles@0.5C, 25℃

General Specifications

GeneralAten Battery Pack
Cell Balancing MethodPassive Balancing
CommunicationEthernet, CAN, RS485
CertificationsUL1973, IEC62619, UN38.3
Size W/D/H390/750/240 mm
Weight85 kg