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Microgrid Solutions Designed for Any Location

A microgrid, a group of interconnected distributed energy resources (DERs), such as wind, solar, and diesel generators etc., and loads with controllers, is a self-sufficient electricity system. A microgrid is able to connect to the main grid or disconnect from the main grid by functioning autonomously in “island mode”. A microgrid is also capable of operating in totally off-grid, an autonomous, stand-alone or isolated mode.

Micro-grids are a key solution if you are unable to receive reliable traditional grid access power. Micro-grids offer localized control of a smaller self-sufficient energy grid which can operate independently of the larger grid. AGreatE offers full solutions for deploying micro-grids in an all-in-one package with easy installation and maintenance.

Microgrid Battery Energy Storage

The core functions of AGreatE’s approach to an effective microgrid design include: energy conservation, distributed generation, microgrid controls, and robust battery energy storage systems, which ensures that the microgrids are first optimized for efficiency to minimize wasted load and most cost effectively invest in new generation, storage and control equipment.

AGreatE offers a variety of Microgrid Solutions that are specifically tailored to your project. Each system can be designed utilizing a variety of energy sources including solar, wind, gensets, hydrogen, etc.

Whether you are looking to save money, promote green energy or hedge against future energy costs, we are the upstream microgrid experts in the design and supply of microgrids. Microgrids solutions with various DERs have never been more simplified and user-friendly.

We provide a complete set of microgrid solutions to C&I customers. An AGreatE microgrid can support both on-grid & off-grid applications to provide a variety of benefits such as controlling local energy production and consumption, reducing power costs through peak demand management, generating revenue through sale of excess energy, and offering energy resiliency to avoid critical equipment failure in the case of an adverse grid event.

Going Green by Utilizing Renewable Energy

Our innovative microgrid system range offers microgrid solutions for your business with a more simplified approach. Cost effective and ready to install, our various DERs and control systems will ensure long term value for your investment. Microgrid system currently offers great returns on investment and our unique product offering of On-Grid, Off Grid, and Hybrid Microgrid solutions fit almost any business needs.

AGreatE specializes in robust energy storage solutions that are deployable to any area of the world. Being pre-engineered prior to shipping you can rest assured your battery storage project will achieve the results you expect.