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Our Story

AGREATE is a clean energy company that was founded by a team of scientists and engineers who are dedicated to providing zero-emission, clean energy solutions. Their aim is to make renewable energy accessible and affordable for everyone.

Our products are based on the BESS technology: this is a technology developed for storing electric charge by using specially developed batteries, which in our case are Li-On batteries.

In each of our products, the batteries are placed together and ordered in an enclosed space, so as to consume as little space as possible.

Our basic unit is the 9.2 KwH Battery Pack, which added up in different quantities makes up products with different degrees of electrical power.

The Honeycomb

The honeycomb, known as an energy storage source for bees, is also a space-efficient and strong structure designed to minimize wasted space within the beehive.

Our battery racks are designed with the same concept in mind: to contain single units in a compact, safe, and tidy manner while providing a reliable source of energy for human use.




We strongly believe that this is the correct adjective to define the energy we deliver to our clients. Our battery storage systems are capable of supporting both solar and wind energy. We believe that energy from natural sources is the future, and our vision is to help people make this transition toward sustainable energy.

Our Values

We are committed to deliver the best product and the best service to our clients.

Our service is customized to the needs of every client and we won’t fail in delivering the best experience.

Our certifications and our expertise make us a credible and legit company to work with.

Our process is efficient and quick, and we have a solid supply chain to rely on.

Our Philosophy

Our Mission:
To distribute our energy storage products all over the world by offering a completely assembled product together with a highly professional logistic support.

Our Vision:
To contribute to the transition to renewable energies and help people stop being dependent on fossil fuels.

Our Tagline:
Electrifying a green world