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Renewable Energy Systems

Supply Chain

Your one-stop-shop for complete BES Systems.  We offers multiple battery storage systems to suit your renewable energy needs.

Complete Logistical Support

AGreatE offers a complete factory to site logistics support service so you can spend more time selling and supporting your clients.

Engineering &
Design Support

We provide complete renewable energy solution designs that simplify the installation times and reduce construction costs.

Spend Less Time

Our complete BESS integrated with renewable energy systems (PV & Wind) simplify your design and installation process.

Increased BESS Savings

Our vertically integrated supply chain affords cost savings on to end users.  Contact us to find out more.

Our Company

AGreatE is a clean energy company founded in 2017 by a group of scientists & engineers based in NY State who strive to offer zero emissions clean energy solutions making renewable energy affordable and accessible for all.

Our manufacturing facilities based in China produce high performance lithium ion battery modules, packs, racks, and all-in-one BESS that utilize AI embedded BMS and EMS systems thus improving both performance, efficiency and fire safety.  AGreatE’s focus on the R&D of AI-embedded battery management systems (BMS) and energy management systems (EMS) allows current and future BESS projects to improve energy system optimization, boost cycle life expectancy, and raise the stability & safety of the deployed systems.

AGreatE’s clean energy ecosystem includes multiple product lines that integrate various distributed renewable energy generation sources (e.g. wind and solar) with its battery based energy storage systems including residential, commercial, industrial, microgrids, and utility applications.  Each system includes the ability for homeowners, businesses, and utilities to manage renewable energy generation, storage, and consumption.

BESS Projects

AGreatE offers both pre-designed BESS solutions and custom BESS plus solar energy systems. From helping businesses reach their clean energy goals to powering schools in remote communities and reducing the electricity bills of residential homes and commercial properties, our work is applicable to a variety of project goals.

Our system integration experience along with in-depth battery supply chain and product knowledge has increasingly evolved around LFP battery technology and its implementation. This experience is the foundation of how we design our BESS solutions and develop our projects.

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