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Wattainer Mini DC
World’s first DC portable power supply

This DC portable power supply offers a sustainable and revolutionary power solution. Boasting three efficient charging methods, it enables simultaneous DC input and output, maximizing its utility. Its compact size ensures easy and convenient travel, yet it packs remarkable power density. Operating silently at 0dB without any fan, it remains cool to the touch thanks to intelligent temperature control, guaranteeing uninterrupted sleep while providing instant power whenever required.


Clean cooking with green energy, especially using a portable 48 DC battery, offers numerous benefits. It significantly reduces air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional fossil fuels and other non-renewable forms of energy, improving indoor air quality. Its rechargeability from multiple sources ensures continuous access to clean energy, promoting energy resilience. Additionally, the quiet operation enhances comfort and reduces noise pollution, making it a convenient and eco-friendly choice for sustainable cooking.

The DC home energy storage system is an all-in-one solution that charges via PV module and powers various home DC appliances. This cost-effective solution provides renewable energy for clean cooking, refrigeration, and lighting. Our selection of kitchen appliances makes cooking entire meals easy and efficient. Available appliances include electric frying pans, fans, kettles, rice cookers, micro fridges, LED lighting, and other accessories, all designed to be user-friendly for all your cooking needs.

AGreatE’s 48V DC revolutionizes camping by making it more sustainable with renewable energy, harnessing solar power through a PV module to provide a green, renewable energy source even in remote locations. Its high-power density ensures lasting power when you’re off the grid and without access to conventional recharging methods. The system’s lightweight and compact design makes it easy to carry and pack, fitting effortlessly into your camping gear without adding significant weight or bulk. Additionally, its multiple output ports allow for efficient multitasking, enabling you to cook with the electric frying pan, power entertainment devices, illuminate your campsite, and heat water with the kettle—all simultaneously, enhancing the convenience and comfort of your outdoor experience.


Dimension (W/H/D)256×240×240 mm/10.08×9.45×9.45 in
Battery TypeCar-grade LiFePO4
Rated Capacity1024Wh
Maximum Input Power400W
Maximum Output Power51.2V
Cycle Life?3000cycles