Wattainer Mini DC

Wattainer Mini DC
World’s first DC portable power supply


This DC portable power supply offers a sustainable and revolutionary power solution. Boasting three efficient charging methods, it enables simultaneous DC input and output, maximizing its utility. Its compact size ensures easy and convenient travel, yet it packs remarkable power density. Operating silently at 0dB without any fan, it remains cool to the touch thanks to intelligent temperature control, guaranteeing uninterrupted sleep while providing instant power whenever required.


Our battery isn’t just a power source – it’s a complete ecosystem. With a range of appliances and accessories, you can customize your setup to fit your unique needs and lifestyle.


Dimension (W/H/D)256×240×240 mm/10.08×9.45×9.45 in
Battery TypeCar-grade LiFePO4
Rated Capacity1024Wh
Maximum Input Power400W
Maximum Output Power51.2V
Cycle Life?3000cycles