PBC Systems Include

PV BESS EV Charging systems (PBC) are pre-engineered & packaged for immediate installation.  Each complete PBC system includes all the necessary components required to achieve a complete solar carport charging station with battery storage.

Utilizing BESS with Solar PV and EV Charging allows clean energy to flow directly to the EV from the solar carport system, stored in the battery (BESS) or sold back to the grid.  The BESS system can be configured to buy and sell electricity at different energy pricings rates thus providing a higher rate of return on the PBC systems.


PV BESS EV Charging Warranties

We offer a wide variety of warranties on all of PBC systems.  Each PV + BESS + CHARGING system has a variety of different sub component warranties that can be extended upon request.  Typical warranty times can be seen below for each sub component.


Year Solar Panels


Cycles BESS


Year PCS


Year BOS Equipment


Year Mounting System


Year Car Chargers

PBC Certifications

PBC systems are backed by a number of global industry codes, standards, and certifications.  All components in AGreatE’s PCB systems are fully certified, thus ensuring better performance and code compliant installations.



AGreatE PBC (PV + Battery + Car Charger) is an all-in-one solar storage charging system for commercial and retail users. “Solar-storage-charging” refers to systems which use distributed solar photovoltaic (PV) generation equipment to create energy which is then stored and later used to charge electric vehicles. The PBC system combines the PV carport system, the battery energy storage system (BESS), and the electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) to create an electric vehicle recharging station of our renewable energy future.

The PBC system comes in three distinct sizes for your business needs based on the size of the BESS and can be installed on-grid or off-grid. With the growing electric vehicle market, the PBC is the perfect way to future proof your business.

EV Charger Plug Styles

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