We Store Power For A Better Future

For worldwide businesses and homeowners who want to save money on the installation and time on the maintenance of energy systems, AGREATE is the global renewable energy company that provides battery packs, battery racks and battery storages by offering a cost-effective all-in-one product monitored by artificial intelligence with a dedicated logistical support.


Battery Energy
Storage Solutions

ATEN is AGreatE’s line of all-in-one Commercial Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) for commercial and industrial applications. The ATEN product line covers a wide variety of energy storage needs and can scale from a 30 kW inverter with 64 kWh of storage to a 500 kW inverter with 1000 kWh of storage.

PBC + EV Charging

Solar Energy Plus Battery Storage
EV Charging Stations

AGreatE offers three all-in-one Solar Energy Plus Battery Storage EV Charging Stations that are cost-effective, easy to install, and easy to operate. Each charging station is designed for the future of electric vehicles.


Microgrid BESS Solutions

We specialize in large energy storage systems which can be paired with solar, wind, or diesel genset energy sources as well as connect to the traditional grid. This offers flexible and customizable micro-grid solutions for your needs.


Improving Energy Storage
with Artificial Intelligence

In addition to battery safety, AGreatE applies AI to improve other aspects of energy storage systems, including cost, cycle-life, system uptime and c-rates, through preventative maintenance.

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The AGREATE Advantage

Our system integration experience along with in-depth battery supply chain and product knowledge has increasingly evolved around LFP battery technology and its implementation. This experience is the foundation of how we design our BESS solutions and develop our projects.

Home – Our Story

Our Story

AGREATE is a clean energy company founded in 2017 by a group of scientists & engineers which strives to offer zero emissions clean energy solutions that make renewable energy affordable and accessible for all.

Our products are based on the BESS technology: this is a technology developed for storing electric charge by using specially developed batteries, which in our case are Lithium-Ion batteries.