BESS Solutions

AGreatE’s Battery Energy Storage Systems are offered in multiple all-in-one & install ready configurations.   C&I, Microgrid, & Utility scale systems can connect with Solar, Wind, Generators, the Grid, and other energy sources.


BESS Systems

Energy Storage is
Accelerating Renewables

BESS Systems for Businesses

Solar plus storage projects (BESS) are now becoming some of the most cost effective & energy saving solutions in the investment market today.  AGreateE continues to provide install ready commercial solar + battery energy storage systems (BESS) projects anywhere in the world at or below market prices.   Our fully certified BESS systems ensure you get the best performance and safety the market has to offer.

Energy Storage Systems for Governments and NGO’s

We are committed to providing BESS and solar plus energy storage solutions to both Governments and NGO’s.  Our commitment to providing clean and affordable energy storage and BESS + solar energy projects to our global community through our international partners starts here.  We provide complete Solar + Storage solutions at factory direct prices and work with each organization to optimize every project for the best cost to performance ratio.



Our Energy Storage Story

AGreatE is a clean energy company founded in 2017 by a group of scientists & engineers based in NY State who strive to offer zero emissions clean energy solutions making renewable energy affordable and accessible for all.

AGreatE has developed a clean energy ecosystem that designs, manufactures and deploys innovative Lithium Ion Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) with integrated AI enabled management systems.  These BESS facilitate the use of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar, thus dramatically reducing GHG and other polluting emissions.

Our manufacturing facilities based in China produce high performance lithium ion battery modules, packs, racks, and all-in-one BESS that utilize AI embedded BMS and EMS systems thus improving both performance, efficiency and fire safety.  AGreatE’s focus on the R&D of AI-embedded battery management systems (BMS) and energy management systems (EMS) allows current and future BESS projects to improve energy system optimization, boost cycle life expectancy, and raise the stability & safety of the deployed systems.

AGreatE’s clean energy ecosystem includes multiple product lines that integrate various distributed renewable energy generation sources (e.g. wind and solar) with its battery based energy storage systems including residential, commercial, industrial, microgrids, and utility applications.  Each system includes the ability for homeowners, businesses, and utilities to manage renewable energy generation, storage, and consumption.

Complementary offerings also include a variety of lithium ion battery energy storage systems for electric vehicles, portable power supplies, materials handling, and lead acid battery replacements thus providing new and exciting options for existing fossil fuel based industries looking to transition to a zero emissions future.



To Aid the Deployment of Renewable Energies


To Make Clean Energy Accessible and Affordable for All


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