Commercial & Industrial Battery Racks

Commercial & Industrial Battery Racks

ATEN Battery Racks are a reliable, long cycle life, modular, and scalable lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery energy storage system (BESS) building block for commercial and industrial applications.

Each ATEN Rack comes with:

  • Battery packs
  • Rack cabinet for mounting of the battery packs
  • High voltage unit (HVU) which acts as a dual-channel power supply
  • BESS Controller which enables cloud based communication and monitoring along with battery management capabilities
  • Battery cables

Easy Rack Setup

ATEN Battery Racks are easily expandable: simply install more packs as necessary for your energy storage needs. The ATEN Racks come in two configurations the R64 and the R138, with R64 Racks supporting up to 7 P9 Packs and the R138 supporting up to 15 P9 Packs.

ATEN Battery Racks are easy to install, simply load the HVU along with the desired number of ATEN Battery Packs and connect the corresponding DC power cables and communication cables.

Battery energy storage system unit

Rack Layout and BMS

All ATEN Racks come with a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Controller and High Voltage Unit (HVU) Power Supply. The BESS Controller allows for the monitoring of the battery cells within the rack as part of the overall battery management system (BMS). At the rack level, there is the rack monitoring unit (RMU) which collects data from each of the battery monitoring units (BMU) at the battery cell level. All this information is provided to the BESS Controller, and allows for user monitoring through a cloud based data system.

BESS Rack Storage Starts Here

The ATEN R64 & R138 are modular and scalable rack systems for integrating ATEN P9 Packs.  When used in AGreatE’s BESS systems (64 kWh to 138 kWh with a rated voltage of 358 V to 768 V) these Battery Racks can be stacked limitlessly to create the specific storage size your project needs.

  • LFP Battery with greater than 6000 cycles
  • Includes BESS Controller
  • Duel channel power supply
  • Cloud based communication
  • Easily configurable
  • Active ventilation battery design for better cooling and performance

Common Applications

  • Backup power for critical need infrastructure
  • Load balancing
  • Storage for renewable energy deployments such as microgrids
  • C&I energy storage projects
  • Zero emissions energy projects

R64 & R138 Rack Benefits

  • Simple and elegant design
  • Plug and Play
  • LFP Technology
  • Easily scalable at Pack and Rack Level
  • Easily installation and maintenance
  • Can be integrated with electric vehicle charging stations

AGreatE ATEN Rack Technology

The difference is clear, get better results with the ATEN Pack and Rack system. ATEN R64 & R138 Racks are easy to install and to scale with the appropriate number of ATEN P9 Packs.

Easily scale your energy storage at the pack level with 7 Packs at 64 kWh to 15 Packs at 138 kWh.   Increase energy storage at the rack level by utilizing multiple ATEN Racks connected together for larger energy storage systems.

Battery energy storage system unit

Product ImagesBattery energy storage system unit

Electrical Specifications

ElectricalATEN P9 R64ATEN P9 R138
Rated Voltage358V768V
Maximum Static Power (15 P9s)110W110W
Rack Maximum Discharge Rate1C1C
System Cycle Life5000 cycles @0.5C, 25°C5000 cycles @0.5C, 25°C
CommunicationEthernet, CAN, RS485Ethernet, CAN, RS485
CertificationsUL1973, IEC62619, UN38.3, CEUL1973, IEC62619, UN38.3, CE

General Specifications

Battery ManagementATEN P9 R64ATEN P9 R138
Voltage Measurement Range100-1000V100-1000V
Voltage Detection Accuracy±0.5%±0.5%
Current Measurement Range±300A±300A
Current Measurement Accuracy±1%±1%
Temperature Measurement Accuracy±2°C±2°C
Measurement Sampling Period100ms100ms
SOC Calculation Accuracy±7%±7%